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Sustainability through automation!

FlowSenses leverages AI-powered automation to manage resourcers, reduce carbon emissions and optimize workflows.

What we do

At FlowSense, we offer a streamlined experience that centralizes management of various services
from multiple providers in one convenient location.


Simplify service management - Let FlowSense integrate with your excisting providers and enhance efficiency and user experience.


Discover new workflows and automations between excisting providers and save ressources and reduce your carbon footprint.

Save time and money

Minimize your environmental impact and save valuable time by optimizing workflows and automating manual tasks for greater efficiency


Let FlowSense CONNECT streamline and centralizes management of all your services.


Manage integrations


Set up automations


Trusted by Leading Brands Worldwide

We take pride in partnering with industry leaders and innovative companies across the globe. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the trust placed in us by our diverse clientele. Among our great partners are:


What do people say?

Kind words from excellent clients

With FlowSense we managed to cut work hours, save up to 20% on our carbon footprint through automation and streamline work processes.

Claus Svane

Director of Real Estate, Lettings & Facilities

QAMPO creates better results for their customers and partners through better decisions via decision science technology. Qampo has a wide range of customers in personal transportation, airports, healthcare, manufacturing, and e-commerce. We use FlowSense to quickly scale our AI and Docker workload across platforms. We do not see FlowSense solely as an infrastructure provider that ensures our solutions run. We consider FlowSense as a close and strategic partner, who through their know-how challenges our teams and thus helps us create new and groundbreaking results.

Ali Khatam

CEO, Decision Scientist, Co-Founder

FlowSense CONNECT has revolutionized our approach to building management and onboarding processes, enabling us to automate significant operations and save ~4000 man hours yearly. This efficiency gain has not only enhanced productivity but also contributed to a 5% reduction in our estimated carbon footprint. The seamless integration of FlowSense's management tools has been transformative, proving essential for optimizing operational efficiency. Their innovative solutions have set a new standard for leveraging technology to achieve meaningful and sustainable organizational improvements.

Michael K. Therkildsen

Teknisk leder & Arbejdsmiljøleder

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